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We have created several ready-to-use mobile solutions based on our experience in developing applications. Following solutions were created with our custom framework and are crafted from ready-to-use components, all that is needed to implement is customization and UI design. Without a doubt this is the best approach when considering time-to-market and application cost as primary considerations when creating a mobile application.

  • Agitive Augumented Reality Framework

    At Agitive we use cutting edge Augmented Reality Engine for rendering of 3D objects into a real world environment. Here are some examples of what AR can do for your users:

    - Users can view the augmented world through their handheld devices.
    - Image recognition technology allows for real-time, dynamic integration of rendered objects with physical objects.
    - Augmented reality allows for user interactions with the physical world via common mobile gestures.

    Augmented Reality can be used with outdoor, print adrertisments, TV, brochures, catalogs, physical products and many others. All Augmented Reality realizations are optimized for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

  • Event Mobile Coverage

    Most events such as festivals, fairs or sport events have a need for an app with a common feature set.

    Basic functionality such as schedule of events, maps or virtual tickets can be extended by games, especially social or multiplayer, push notifications, augmented reality and other audience captivating features. We have a standardized app modules that allow for rapid and low cost assembly of an app that will improve your customers' experience.

  • Mobile Portal Expansion

    Our standardized approach for expanding your content management system / portal to the mobile world. This process is not just about adjusting and streamlining code, we take a complex look at usability and your target audience and find the best solutions for your site.

  • Extended Paper Content

    Innovation to a traditional approach. We are happy to tell you about our amazing product dedicated not only to print publishers but to every business wanting to extend traditional printed content like brochures, leaflets, company catalogs, and advertisements.

    Print has always been constrained by space available, lack of social tools available today (such as online comments and discussions) has become even more limiting. From now on, forget about these limits and set your sight on innovation. EPC is a product build on a Augmented Reality technology that will teleport your business to a new reality, where the limits are set only by imagination, not by the constrains of traditional media.